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The 10 Most/Least Essential ATLA Episodes


Inspired by the Notalgia Critic’s rundown of the 11 Worst ATLA episodes and what is likely to be an 11 Best follow-up, I sorta wanted to waste time by creating a list of my own. But instead of Best/Worst, I decided to go with Most Essential/Least Essential.

The idea is, what if I wanted to get, say, my sister to watch the show. She’s into fantasy and not above dipping into kid’s fare. But she’s also a graduate student and very busy. So if I wanted to give her just 10 episodes (accompanied by a brief explanation of the premise) that would showcase the things I like best about the show and maybe inspire her to watch the whole series from beginning to end, which would they be?

Instead of ranking within the list, I’m going to go chronologically, since it would make more sense for a new viewer to watch these in order anyway:

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Korra don’t you remember what happened the last time you left those three nincompoops alone?

Asami sold her company, Bolin committed borderline sexual assault, Mako got thrown in prison, and the love triangle pushed itself up from the grave. You’re going to come back and Republic City is going to be on fire.

Time to dust off that community gif!


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The Blue Spirit AU

To get information from the Triad, Mako must go undercover. Which means sneaking out at night, dangerous missions, and run-ins with the Avatar herself. But as he goes deeper, Mako learns that the mask comes with a price.

Could this be a thing, though? Like I would pay good money to see/read this.